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Now you on the run son,
Since 1981
You went and did some things,
And spoiled the fun
Yeah, you got the FBI,
They ain’t on your side
Yeah you’re caught foolin’ friend,
With a senator’s wife
Oh I don’t need it,
Well no one does

Just sit on this groove and chew,
As the heat grew and chew ;
A life of taking Love,
She fit like a glove
And in due time,
Yeah I’ll be there

Well hello Harmony,
Whatcha doin’ for free?
Yeah get on your knees you freak,
And please please me
A life of solitude,
Yeah, one with me, no you
Life on the run son,
It’s all you knew
And I don’t need it,
No, no one does

whilst preparing for the launch party of dubcatcher, this summer, katrina , the californian soulstress said to me - oh i love that song. lets do it live. dawn penn ’ you don’t love me’ . so i searched for the inst but couldnt find it. 2 splifs, 1 cup of tea , some ginger snap biscuits and 180 minutes later, made the drums, bass, keys, and did the vocals. got King porter horns from brighton on the brass. Thats govenor tiggy on the dj rap ting… big up tiggy/ katrina / king porter stomp
check out katrina here

DJ Shadow: The DJ Hero Mixes (2009-2010)

For the first time, high-quality “wet versions” of DJ Shadow’s classic mash-ups from DJ Hero 1 and 2 are up! This is what the mixes would sound like if you got a ‘perfect score’ within game, with all scratches included. Shadow kills it on these tracks, and it’s a treat to finally make them available…enjoy!

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